My name is Julia Vidile. I was born in Brazil but I’ve been living in France for the last 14 years.

I’m a professional translator since 2002.

My various diplomas and courses reflect my multiple interests: Fine Arts, Translation, Art Criticism, Sewing and Patternmaking, Sophrology, Grief Counseling, Reiki. As we say in the area, there’s no useless knowledge for a translator! The more curious we are, the more our work can be rich and nuanced, precise and informative.

For more than 18 years, I’ve worked for publishing houses, translation agencies, tech institutions and press agencies all over the world, performing various functions: translator, localisation expert, author, ghostwriter, copywriter, proofreader, editorial assistant, post-editor, quality assurance, and copy editor; in short, most everything linked to text. I’ve also been known for penning a theatrical sketch or three!

Oh, did I mention I am fluent in four languages? There you go: English, French, Brazilian Portuguese, and Italian!

My main fields of expertise are:

Linux and Free Software: I’ve been introduced to Linux and the Linux Community by my first husband, who was a well-known technology journalist and hacker at the time. Thanks to him, I became a translator for Linux Magazine Brazil in 2004, and even translated a couple of open source programs. Later on, in 2019, I started collaborating with the Linux Professional Institute for the translation of all their Learning Materials (and more!) into Brazilian Portuguese.

Arts and Humanities: Not only I have a degree in Visual Arts (I specialised in woodcutting!), but I’ve translated and produced text for several publications (books, magazines and academic journals) and art institutions, art galleries and museums.

Social sciences, Philosophy and History: Besides my excellent cultural background, I’ve been translating books and articles on those themes since my beginnings, in 2002.

Religion, Esotericism and Occultism: When I first started my career, one of my main clients was the biggest publishing house on esoteric material in Brazil. I’ve translated several titles on religion, tarot, astrology, freemasonry, witchcraft and much more. Later on, I’ve also took classes on those subjects (yeah, I can read cards!) and have worked alongside professional astrologers and tarot readers in the elaboration of workshops, classes and presentations for several audiences in Portuguese, French and English.

Journalism and Press: I worked for more than 10 years as a translator and a writer for a variety of magazines and online portals, both specialised and bigger audience.

Fashion and Sewing: Sewing started as a hobby, until it became a bit more serious. I took several classes and even had a moderately famous sewing blog at one time. I’m at ease with the sewing vocabulary and phrasing in Portuguese, French and English.

Wine, Cooking and Gastronomy: Food is a subject of interest for many. Besides being a self-taught cooking writer (with the help of books like Will Write For Food and similar), I’ve translated several recipe books and, since 2016, I work for an European translation agency specialised in the localisation of high and lower-end restaurant menus and wine lists from all over the world. I’ve also had a cooking blog during a few years (sadly it’s no longer available) and still write about food, cooking and (sourdough) baking on my social media.

Wellness, Wellbeing and Self-improvement: The themes of wellbeing and self-improvement have always been present in my career as a translator, in the form of books on happiness, healthy sexuality, self-awareness and connection, among others; my level of knowledge on those subjects was drastically improved with several courses on sophrology, alternative therapies and grief counseling (in fact, besides translating, I also work part-time as a sophrologist!)

(For more info, see my Portfolio)

My qualifications and background mean that I have acquired excellent writing skills, as well as experience in deep research, content management, and quality control. The language level of each text is perfectly adapted to the intended audience.

What People Say

“Working with Julia is always a great pleasure: fast, competent and friendly!”

Markus Wirtz
Manager, Education Programs – Linux Professional Institute (LPI)

“Julia is keen on solving possible problems and challenges encountered along the way, and she is dedicated to finding the best solutions for optimizing the results.”

Yutzu Liang
Traditional Chinese Translator and QA Analyst, Pretty Simple Games

“Julia delivers the translated material with virtually no corrections to be done and impressive quality.”

Sérgio Miranda
Editor, Mac+ Magazine

Let’s work together!

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